Sweet Lomi Massage Services

Stacey VinzantSweet Lomi Massage offers a number of different therapies.

Lomilomi - a kind yet powerful touch that carries on the Hawaiian tradition. It utilizes a rhythmic motion using forearms and hands to help clients let go of pain patterns physically and emotionally.

Pohaku Lomi - hot stone massage and a heavenly treatment that is one of Stacey's specialties. Add an additional $25 per session.

Swedish - a relaxing and gentle massage to calm and relax the nervous system. A choice for our kapunas, first-timers and moms-to-be.

Sweet Lomi Blend - 2 hours of pure bliss. A customized massage of various styles for those who need serious pampering.

Reflexology - a relaxing foot and hand massage using pressure points to allow improved circulation and to release tension within organs of the body. It's followed by a wonderful scalp and head massage.......yummy!

Hot Towel treatment - recommended for chronic sore muscle areas. Add an additional $25 per session.

Essential Oils with Massage - additional $25 per session.